Steve Kaplan Interview – Community Spotlight

Today we interview Steve Kaplan.

How long have you been paddling for?

50 years, last 5 have been much more seriously.

What kind of kayak/sup/canoe do you have?

Swift Keewaydin 16 Combi Canoe

What is your favorite place to paddle and why?

Saint Regis Canoe Area Adirondacks. Wilderness. Clean water.

What is your least favorite place to paddle?

No such thing… though I try to stay away from well developed areas because of the trash and debris.

Who do you usually paddle with?


What tips do you have for a person that just starts off?

  • Find some flat water.
  • Driving an hour each way is well worth a 2 hour paddle.
  • Don’t paddle hungry.

What apps if any do you use for paddling?

  • App
  • All Trails and Gaia for mappin
  • Garmin Fenix watch with mapping/GPS

Was there every a time that you were in danger when paddling?

Only once. I was caught in high winds in early April on Round Valley Reservoir. The only time I was ever truly afraid.

What kind of paddlign do you prefer?


What brand of PFD do you wear? What would you recommend?

Kokatat. High quality and comfortable.

What brand of paddle do you have?

Bending Branches. I have a few different models. The Java ST is my personal favorite.

What are your social media accounts so that we can follow you?

IG: @Steve_guitarplan

How do you transport your kayak/canoe/sup?

Car Top

What’s the longest paddle trip you’ve been on?

30 miles. Planning a 45 miler for the summer in St. Regis.

What are some most have items that you carry on your kayak/sup/canoe?

  • PFD
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Leuko tape
  • Water
  • Snacks

Favorite time of the year to paddle?

Early fall, but I’ll go any time it’s above 35 degrees.

Favorite time of the day to paddle?

Early morning – especially in the summer.

As a paddler what do you see other paddlers do that they shouldn’t be doing?

Dropping trash. I can’t believe that the same people trying to enjoy the water are trashing it.

Feel free to add anything else here that you would want included.

There is a calmness that I experience being on the water, even in rough water.

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