Lake Aeroflex in Andover New Jersey Trip Report

Lake Aeroflex is the deepest glacial lake in the state with a depth of 110 feet and is stocked with land locked salmon which makes it a popular fishing destination.  The lake is 119 acres and is long but narrow. The lake sits within Kittatinny Valley State Park and is surrounded by hiking trails to explore.

Lake Aeroflex Map

Boat Launch at the Lake

I parked and launched at the Lake Aeroflex Boat Launch off of Limecrest Road in Andover Twp.  at around 10:30am.  The launch is open 24 hours a day for fishing from boats.

Weather conditions were fantastic for mid-November with air temps in the 50’s with bright sunshine blue skies and high clouds overhead.  I could see there was a stiff breeze on the water, but at the launch it was calm waters.

Lake Aeroflex
At the Launch Area

I left the launch at the southern end of the lake where the Aeroflex-Andover airport sits as well.  This makes for an entertaining experience watching planes practice their take off and landings over the water.

Lake Aeroflex Airport

Eastern Tree Lined Shore

I paddled north along the eastern tree lined shore.  On the other side of the trees the recently developed rail trail sits for a good hike along the water.  There are old relics scattered on the waters edge from the once railway that rolled along its shores.  The breeze really began to blow from the south creating small waves on the water’s surface.  I would stop paddling and let the winds carry me farther down the lake riding the tiny white caps. 

Lake Aeroflex

Northern End of Lake Aeroflex

I paddled to the northern end of the lake where the head waters to Lake Aeroflex flow in from Lake Illith. Kayaking the narrow waterway that connects the two bodies of water is a great kayaking adventure. Now is the time to explore this narrow shallow channel of water as it is clear of the water flora. 

Lake Aeroflex

During the summer months the narrow waterway clogs with lily pads and can be tricky to paddle.  On this day the only remaining flora was the duckweed which added a nice green pop color to the otherwise variances of browns and tans of the fall season.

Great Blue Herons

I often see Great Blue Herons and various types of ducks in this area of the lake and on this trip, I was not disappointed.  As I turned south to leave the channel section a Great Blue Heron took to the air and flew over me landing at the mouth of the narrow marsh.

Great Blue Heron in Lake Aeroflex

Paddling toward the heron and back out to the main lake it took to the air again and disappeared into the marshy flora.  It’s always a highlight to see a Great Blue Heron while out paddling.

Great Blue Heron in Lake Aeroflex
Great Blue Heron flying into marsh.

Bald Eagle Sightings

As I made my way back to the main lake, I saw a large figure in a tree over the water and instantly knew what it was.  A very large female Bald Eagle was perched watching the water as the wind ruffled her feathers.  Spotting this eagle was the highlight of the day for sure.

If you are interested in other lakes with bald eagles check out Merrill Creek Reservoir.

Western Shore

I paddled down the western shore with a strong southerly wind blowing in my face. I passed several hikers walking along the hiking trails that snake around the lake.   A bright yellow plane started it’s decent out over the middle of the lake.  I watched as it approached the landing strip for another practice landing.  It was the great end to a great paddle on Lake Aeroflex.

Obstacles to Know About on Lake Aeroflex

Paddlers need to be aware of a few obstacles scattered around the lake. There are several tree blowdowns that sit just below the surface of the water near the shoreline. The trees appear to mysteriously emerge from the depths of the lake.  Several floating masses of vegetation near the powerlines blend in with the surface of the water.  More than a few times I have paddled my kayak up on them and then have to fight to pull myself off with my paddle.  The waters of Lake Aeroflex are quite clear and many of the obstacles can be seen by the aware paddler.   Lake Aeroflex is a great spot for your first kayaking trip.

Pick it Up & Pack it Out

I often come across trash while out on the water and Lake Aeroflex is no exception.   Although not a lot, I did pick up a few drink containers that washed up on shore.  I have been picking it up and packing it out for almost 10 years.   Some trips it is a lot of trash and others it is only a few bottles.  My feeling has always been that if we all did our part-no matter how much or little we pick up- collectively we can have an impact on the amount of trash that reaches our waterways. 

Picking up trash at Lake Aeroflex

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